Moby Chimes In With Hollywood Food Voices


by Paige Donner

Check out this new video, just dropped today, West Coast time, by Moby and Hollywood Food Voices:

“We Need Our Bees A Lot More Than They Need Us” – Moby paraphrasing Einstein

“If the bees go, we’re next,” Moby said during an appearance on TakePart Live. “A huge percentage of our food supply is dependent on …

a guided tour of Moby’s four-acre home atop the Hollywood Hills, where over 30,000 bees dwell


full interview with Moby where he discusses his passion for bees, airing on TakePart Live on September 25th, and see snippets of the video.

Airs 7pmPST/10pmEST on PIVOT TV.

  honey bee colonies in the U.S. has dropped from over 5 million in 1940 to less than 2.5 million today

“Hollywood Food Voices” is an engaging and entertaining new platform whose goal is to create excitement, awareness, and a sense of empowerment within a wide demographic of viewers and concerned citizens.

BEES – indicator species – meaning their presence, absence, and their well-being is indicative of the health of our environment as a whole. So the plight of the bees is our plight as well.

Over the last several years, scientists have increasingly attributed pollinator declines to the indiscriminate use of systemic pesticides, most notably a class of insecticides known as neonicotinoids. Neonicotinoids are up to 10,000 times more toxic to bees than other insecticides, and their use can have both immediate and long-term effects. So while these bee-toxic pesticides are not theonly cause of declining bee populations, they are a primary contributing factor and certainly one we must do something about — fast.

The full video can be seen online starting September 26th at:

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Kale vs. Watercress

Originally posted on Local Food And Wine:

Watercress vs. Kale Which one wins the Heavyweight Nutritional Championship? And why?!

Just when we were all getting comfortable with kale… along comes watercress to mix everything up.

So what is all this fuss about watercress packing more of a nutritional punch than kale?

Based on a study carried out by researchers at the William Patterson University in New Jersey, watercress ranked at the top of the list for nutritional benefits out of a whole list of leafy greens (47 of them to be exact) when analyzed for their Nutritional Density Score. The score was determined by how much of these 17 vital nutrients—potassium, fiber, protein, calcium, iron, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, zinc, and vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, and K—the vegetables contained

Nutrition Density Scores

Here’s the ranking:

  • Watercress: 100.00
  • Chinese cabbage: 91.99
  • Chard: 89.27
  • Beet green: 87.08
  • Spinach: 86.43
  • Leaf lettuce: 70.73
  • Romaine lettuce: 63.48
  • Collard green:…

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God Bless The Baroness

by Paige Donner

Last summer, while attending Vinexpo in Bordeaux, I had the great good fortune to be issued a Press invitation to the Gala Dinner held at Mouton Rothschild in Pauillac, hosted by Madame Philippine de Rothschild.

“The Baroness” Madame Philippine de Rothschild

The gala dinner that The Baroness (as her friends referred to her), Madame Philippine de Rothschild, was putting on was in honor of the first unveiling of their chateau’s exquisite new cellars and museum on the premises of the venerable domain of Mouton Rothschild.

It was extraordinary to see the liveliness, ever present,  in such a courageous woman like The Baroness. She stood up on stage, alongside her son Julien and also the Mayor of Bordeaux, Alain Juppé, and spoke to the assembled guests of  250 people for a solid 20 minutes, unflagging. More than once she drew hearty chuckles from the crowd of some of the world’s most esteemed winemakers and winery owners. She was still every inch a glamorous actress, even at 80.

Though petite in stature, her courage was immense.

We all too often associate Mouton Rothschild and Bordeaux wines with tradition and venerability. And while I am not disputing its solid ranking in the history of wine, it is important to remember that the house has bucked tradition continuously since its founding.

Firstly with the near-sacrilegious innovation of bottling at the chateau a couple centuries ago. Then, under Philippine’s father’s tutelage, dedicating label design to outstanding contemporary artists of the day. And, finally, appointing a woman, his daughter no less, to lead the house into the next millennium.

In a world of French wine all too often overshadowed by a huge majority of men, Madame Phillippine de Rothschild, The Baroness, showed courage, fortitude, leadership and an enviable sixth sense for business acumen (Chile!) and innovation (Mouton Cadet!) during her day.

That’s a legacy that will not be forgotten.

God Bless The Baroness.

(More here about her life and legacy  on the NY Times)

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Cat and Doggy Treats, Miamm Meeoww!

by Paige Donner

Sardine tins, chocolate, filled with cookies; All made by a 3-star French Chef!

Sardine tins, chocolate, filled with cookies; All made by a 3-star French Chef


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Delectable little treats for cats and dogs seem to be fairly prolific these days. Still, if you have a dog – or cat – as finicky as mine is, you have to sift through the lot to find the ones they like.

My little Fifi was recently gifted a box of Switties (pron.: sweeteys) by a very smart and savvy press team. (Lord bless smart and savvy press teams!)

They instantly won me over, these little treats, since they come in the form of little miniature macarons.

Awwww. SO cute!

And especially so because they’re made in France. But the real test was if my fussy little dog (people always comment how she’s like a cat in a dog’s cloak) would eat them.

After a couple of false starts, she did! And loved them. I could tell how much she loved them because she would pirate the little morsels away from her bowl and sequester them in her bed before swallowing the little cookie whole. She does that only for the really good stuff.

Try them yourself. Or, rather, have your Fido or Fifi try them for you!

All photos copyright Paige Donner. All Rights Reserved. 

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Fast Food Solution

by Paige Donner

What better time than summer to

1. Eat Healthier

2. Spend less time in the kitchen

3. Transform your body to Fantastically Fabulous

With these three goals in mind, is it any wonder then that Fast Food Solution caught my eye in a big way?!

North Americans spend more time watching Cooking Shows than cooking their own meals!

I just had to see what these guys were all about… So I’ve dived right in, ordered up the program (a humble $37 as a Beta launch price) and am learning from Nick and Gen, two young Canadians, how to eat healthy, cook my own meals in 15 minutes or less and spend less than $5 per meal.


Where have you been all my life?! Is all I can say.

The coursework is abundant and I’ve only just started on their integrated platform of videos, MP3 downloads and PDFs (including cheat sheets with rich visuals).

So check back with me in a few weeks once I’ve worked through some of the recipes in my own kitchen.

But for starters, the support is terrific, their layout is SUPER user friendly, and they’ve sliced and diced all the information down into very bite-sized and digestible pieces.

Plus, here’s a few stats from their website. (Now you don’t want to be one of those TV-watching, overeating porkers do you?!)

Just as guilty as the 100 million folks who are subscribed to the Food Network and watch endless hours of Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen and other epic cooking shows every single day.

The numbers don’t lie…

The average American watches more than 5 hours of TV every single day, but spends a mere 27 minutes cooking food.

and check this out…

Every single week, a whopping 89.7% of the US adult population
– 228 MILLION people — is getting scammed at the grocery store.

In plain English…

Everyone who is trying to eat healthy is basically WASTING $123.91 and 41 minutes every single time they visit the supermarket.

Why? Simply because they end up buying the wrong foods, and falling for the clever marketing tactics and fattening
traps that the Global Food Conglomerate has set up in every aisle.

We know it’s hard to believe.

But if you buy any of the foods below, the food companies have already found an easy way into your wallet…(read more on Fast Food Solution).

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Résistance Naturelle

Originally posted on Local Food And Wine:

Ten years after releasing the acclaimed film, Mondovino, Jonathan Nossiter is back in theaters with his newest film, Résistance Naturelle.

It examines vineyards in Italy that are cultivating their grapes bqoth organically and with chemicals and pesticides. He then compares the soil quality and harvest yields of the different cultivation methods. It’s not strictly a documentary as he blends some narrative filmmaking in with the documentary.

Released in theaters since June 2014.



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White Strawberries – The Originals

by Paige Donner

La Freizh, La Freizh!!

A young, impassioned wild strawberry producer – gariguette in French – named Julien Héliès has launched a limited production of White Strawberries.

local food and wine white strawberries fraise-ananas

Did you know strawberries were originally WHITE?!

You might not have known that 300 years ago, when strawberries were first imported to Europe from Chile, they were white berries.  But they were.

La Freizh Local Food And Wine 300

That was back in 1714 when, after two years of travels around South America, the explorer, Amédée Frezier, arrived back in Marseilles with 5 plants from Chile he brought with him of these white strawberries. One of these was planted in the botanical gardens of Brest.

A bit larger than a wild strawberries found in the woods and hinting of a taste of pineapple amidst their delicious sweetness, this limited and very confidential production can be found by contacting the strawberry grower/agriculture cooperative directly at where you can also read more about the history of the strawberry in France and around the world.

Personally I am waiting with bated breath until I see some of the Parisian chefs serve these up, fired simply by their fruitful – ; ) – imaginations. 

Local Food And Wine


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China Leads World In Red Wine Consumption


 According to the market survey commissioned by Vinexpo, the international wine and spirits exhibition, whose Asian show is to be held from 27 to 29 May this year in Hong Kong, China has become the world’s largest red wine consuming nation ahead of France and Italy.

Which countries are the biggest consumers of red wine? France, Italy and the US, right?

Wrong. Having downed more than 155 million 9-litre cases or 1.865 billion bottles of red wine in 2013, up 136% compared to 2008, China, including Hong Kong, is now the largest red wine market worldwide, followed by France, now in second place with nearly 150 million cases and Italy with 141 million.

Chinese consumers have become increasingly attracted to red wine since 2005. Between 2007 and 2013, the Vinexpo/The Iwsr study reveals that red wine consumption was multiplied by 2.75 in China, while it decreased by 5.8% in Italy and 18% in France.

 The symbolic value of red

localfoodandwine red wine 1Apart from its virtues with regard to health, which have been widely lauded as an alternative to the impact of excessive consumption of rice-based spirits, the popularity of red wine is largely due to the symbolic importance of its colour. Red is a very positive hue in Chinese culture, associated with wealth, power and good luck. In business circles, these three values are fundamental. Red wine is therefore an obvious choice for business hospitality, where partners can drink to each others’ health. Red is also the colour of China.
 Mainly wines Made in China, but more and more wines are imported

More than 80% of the wines consumed in China are made there, and the nation is currently the 5th largest producer in the world.

However, imported wines are rapidly gaining market share. Between 2007 and 2013, wine imports were multiplied by seven and account for 18.8% of all wine consumed in China today.

To meet this growing demand for imported wines, Asian buyers will obviously benefit from meeting the wide range of exhibitors present at Vinexpo Asia-Pacific in Hong Kong on 27, 28 and 29 May this year, where they will be able to travel round the world of wine and spirits production in just three days!


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Suchard & Local Food And Wine Chocolate Christmas Giveaway

Christmas is right around the corner, once again, welcoming all the gourmet treat lovers with its festive sweets.

 Suchard Local Food And Wine giveaway 1

Suchard has on offer this season a gift box sure to please you and every chocolate lover on your Gift List – the Christmas Market gift box, the Suchard  “Marché de Noël”

A beautiful red framed box filled with a delicious assortment of pralines, crunchy chocolates, creamy chocolates, dark chocolates, milk chocolates…

Suchard Local Food And Wine Christmas Giveaway

Local food and wine suchard chocolate giveaway

Suchard is the chocolate for adults that appeals to those of us with gourmet tastes by its irresistable total sensorial seduction.

Win a Box of of Marche de Noel  – “Marché de Noël” – Suchard chocolates by leaving a comment below telling us your favorite Suchard Chocolate (be sure to include your Twitter name), Clicking Like Local Food And Wine On Facebook and Retweeting this Article to your Followers. *

 Suchard Local Food And Wine Xmas giveaway '13 marchedenoel_3


Bientôt Noël, ses cadeaux et ses gourmandises !

Et comme tout cela rime avec plaisir, Suchard vous propose d’offrir du plaisir avec son nouveau coffret festif “Marché de Noël”.

Un joli écrin rouge renfermant une délicieuse gamme de pralines, croustillantes, fondantes, au lait et au chocolat noir…

Local Food And Wine chocolat suchard dogsled

Suchard, le chocolat qu’on s’offre entre adultes séduit avec des expériences gourmandes et sensorielles totalement irrésistibles !

*Offer ends December 31st. Winner chosen randomly.