The Best Poutine On Davie Street

4 thoughts on “The Best Poutine On Davie Street”

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  2. Have you ever considered adding together more umteen videos to your blog posts to keep the subscribers more amused? I mean I just read through the entire clause of yours and it was quite great but since I’m more an visible learner,I noticed that to be more helpful. Well let me know how it proves.

  3. I thought this article was great, and I really like the time you take to write everything out. More videos would definitely help for some people, but do not cut-down on the written review at all, because some people (myself included) prefer to read through while at work or home, and not have to bother focusing all our attention (and hearing) on just one thing, such as a video.
    Regardless, great post. There a lot of useful resources for finding the treasures of Vancouver.

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